Race start is located at YCI (Yankee Candle Inc. Production Facility)

102 Christian Lane, Whately. Plenty of parking is available in the YCI lot.

Race Finish is located at the Whately Police Station; 77 Christian Lane, Whately.

If using mapquest/gps - the Town will be South Deerfield. It's really IN Whately, but it's a small-town postal code thing.

Water and Drink Stops

The refreshment stops are approximately located at miles 2, 3.5, 5, 7, 9, 10.5, and 11.6ish. Water will be available at all stops. Gatorade will be available at miles 5 and 9. There is also an orange slice stop around mile 10.5.


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9 Mile Course - untimed

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